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E.W. Beck's About Information

About Us

For a quarter century, E.W. Beck’s Restaurant and Pub has been serving fine food to good friends on Main Street in Sykesville, Maryland. Beck’s is a testament to my family’s love of food and belief in kindness and generosity toward others. My brother and I named the restaurant after my father, Ernest William Beck, Jr., granddad, Ernest William, and my great, great grandfather, Ernst Wilhelm of Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany. Granddad Beck drove trucks for Shell Oil by day and bartended in the evenings. He was a generous, easy going man who offered hospitality and companionship to anyone who walked in the door. Granddad Beck was liked by most everyone he met so it made sense when he purchased a local neighborhood tavern in Lansdowne, MD at age 46 and called it Ernie’s Tavern. The companionship and camaraderie of his neighborhood tavern is what inspired my brother and I to create a similar “neighborhood tavern” in Sykesville when we set out to purchase what is now E.W. Beck’s Restaurant & Pub. With the tremendous generosity and help of our family, we opened our doors on Main Street in July 1992.

Just before opening Becks, I was a student at Towson University and bartended at the Crab Shanty in Ellicott City. Before many of my shifts, I would stop in to see my Little Nan who lived nearby. Little Nan was 4’8”, Italian, and an amazing cook. She would greet me with a hug and “are you hungry?”. That question never got answered because Nan was already busy in the kitchen preparing me a meal. I cherish the memories I have of sitting in her kitchen and eating while she fiddled and fussed around, never sitting for long, as she added more of this and got me more of that. She was never one to be waited on… that was her job. Little Nan’s cooking was how she expressed her love for me and her family and it was always fulfilling, authentic, and plentiful! My family and I learned from Little Nan how much better great food can be when it is served with two goals: (1) to nourish; and, (2) to express kindness and love to your guests.

It has been my pleasure serving Sykesville since 1992. So, on your next visit, stop by, let us fix you something to eat and grab you a drink. It is always great to see you.

– Scott

E. W. Beck’s Pub is proud to support local farms and markets. When available, we purchase our produce, meats, and seafood locally. We are known for large portions accompanied by affordable prices for the highest quality meats, seafood and poultry. In our fryers, we use soy based oil which is low in saturated fat and cholesterol and minimizes risks for allergic reactions. And our menus are seasonally recreated to keep our customers satisfied.

We’ve enjoyed serving our friends and neighbors for the past 20 years and will do our best to keep you coming back for many more.

*Local Foods Supplied By: Taharka Brothers (local ice cream) Baltimore, MD; Buppert’s Doran’s Chance Farm (local produce) Marriottsville, MD; Baltimore Coffee & Tea Company, Timonium, MD

*All local food purchased from above suppliers when available*