Three 4.5 oz glasses Mix & Match!!

Champion Wheeze The Juice IPA
Monument City June Solstice Wheat IPA
21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon Wheat
Troeg’s Java Head Stout
Barley & Hops Belgian Tripel
Brewdog Elvis Juice Grapefruit IPA
Brewdog Jet Black Heart NITRO Stout
Bell’s Two Hearted Ale
Harpoon UFO White
Sam Adams Summer Ale
Miller Lite

Corona Light, Budweiser, Michelob Ultra, Natural Light, Miller Lite, Bud Light, Stella Artois, Natty Boh, Heineken, Coors Light, Omission Lager (Gluten Free), O’Doul’s, Angry Orchard Crisp Apple (Gluten Free)

Seasonal Craft Bottles & Cans

DuClaw Strawberry Letter 23, Baltimore, MD   7.1% ABV
brewed with lactose, fermented on top of ripe strawberries, hop bite with subtle strawberry sweetness, tart character   6

Bell’s Amber Ale, Kalamazoo, MI   5.8% ABV
toasted, sweet caramel balanced with citrus hop aromas, clean bitterness   5

Enter Night Pilsner, Escondido, CA   5.7% ABV
Metallica & Stone collaboration, crisp, refreshing, hop forward with sound bitterness
6   (16oz can)

DuClaw Gose O’s, Baltimore, MD   5.5% ABV
sour beer brewed with cantaloupe and black lava sea salt, light, refreshing mix of sweet and salty   6

Austin Eastciders Ruby Red Grapefruit Cider, Austin, TX   5% ABV
Refreshing, slightly tart cider made with heirloom bittersweet apples, American dessert apples, and Ruby Red grapefruit   6

Key Speed Wobbles Eazy IPA, Dundalk, MD   4.6% ABV
Session IPA, easily drinkable, full of hops, light bodied   5

Monument City Pagoda Ale, Baltimore, MD   5.5% ABV
Floral and citrus aromas, tropical fruit flavors, subtle grapefruit flavors   6

RAR Nanticoke Nectar IPA, Cambridge, MD   7.4% ABV
West Coast-style IPA packed with orange and citrus up front and a grassy pine bitter finish   6.5

Founders Porter, Grand Rapids, MI   6.5 % ABV
Sweet nose with strong chocolate and caramel malt, full flavored, robust, & no absence of hops, 100 rating   6

Jailbreak Feed The Monkey Orange Hefeweizen, Laurel, MD   5.6% ABV
Combines traditional notes of clove & banana with subtle citrus aromas & flavors to provide balance & complexity   6

Left Hand Milk Stout NITRO, Longmont, CO  6% ABV
Roasted mocha, slight hop & roast bitterness   6.5

Allagash White, Portland, ME   5%ABV
Traditional Belgian style wheat beer delicately balances full flavor with a crisp, refreshing taste & subtle hints of spice   7.5

Narragansett Lager, Providence, RI   5%ABV
An award winning Classic American Lager that’s crisp & refreshing with more flavor than other premium lagers   3.5 (16oz. can)

Flying Dog Bloodline, Frederick, MD    7%ABV
A Blood Orange IPA brewed with blood orange peel & juice with a nice balance of citrus sweetness & bitterness   6

Union Duckpin Pale Ale, Baltimore, MD   5.5%ABV
Generously hopped pale ale with a strong malt backbone, a true Baltimore original   6

Victory Golden Monkey, Downingtown, PA   9.5% ABV
Light-bodied, fruity, Belgian Ale with German malts   7.5